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Welcome To Polymr Station, A Subsidiary Of West Coast Washstation
What Is IE 2000?

IE 2000 is a concentrated emulsion of
amino methoxy functional ethyl polymers which form a plasticized film on all hard paint and gel coats by reacting with the moisture in the air. Once the film has cured (24hrs) it will strongly adhere to the surface.

High corrosive resistance, excellent water
repellence and deep gloss shine
All painted surfaces of the aircraft are
thoroughly cleaned with IE 2000
multipurpose cleaning solution prior to the
application of the reactive polymer treatment.
This solution removes grime, wax or silicone
residues which may exist on new or used painted surfaces. As the treated surface cures, the plasticized molecules elongate, interlocking with each other to create a tough bonded durable coating.
IE 2000’s reactive polymer is applied using low speed oscillating polishing machines. The rotation and pressure created by the polishers commences the curing process.
IE 2000 Advantage


IE 2000’s sophisticated ‘reactive polymer’ and UV filtering technology protects aircraft paint against fading and oxidation thereby maintaining the paints original aesthetic brilliance.
IE 2000’s unique polymer gloss spectrum ingredients react with the painted surface to produce an incredibly high gloss, low friction permanent coating. This protective coating dramatically reduces cleaning time and costs by reducing the frequency and ground time
required for washes.
IE 2000 has been proven to reduce
parasitic drag on business jets, thereby
reducing engine cruise power settings,
ultimately saving between 2-4% on fuel burn.
Once applied, IE 2000 can be
maintained without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals which damage aviation paints. As well as being detrimental to the environment.
Ultimate Protection

The IE 2000 concept is based on the idea
that “prevention is better than cure”. It is
cheaper and easier to repair and maintain the
IE 2000 coating than that of the high value
objects surface that we seek to protect. Costly
repainting of aging aircraft can be prevented
simply by removing all oxidized paint using
IE 2000’S revolutionary treatment.

IE 2000's Benefits
1. Eliminate Waxing And Polishing Forever
2. Quick And Easy Washing
3. Long Lasting And Brilliant Shine
4. Reduces Maintenance Costs
5. Reduces Drag - Increases Aerodynamics
6. Anti Oxidant And UV Protection
Professional trained technicians apply
IE 2000 to the painted surfaces of the
aircraft. The product bonds and hardens over
the surface of the paint, leaving a permanent
transparent high gloss barrier between the paint and the environment.
Once treated with IE 2000 the aircraft is
totally sealed and protected from the day to
day elements that effect and degrade
aviation paints. The only maintenance
required is to maintain the integrity of the
IE 2000 coating leaving the paint
protected and undamaged. IE 2000s
reactive polymer coating continually
protects against corrosive attack from
runway contaminants, skydrol, salt, pollution,
oxidation and harsh UV light that together
cause paint to oxidize and fade.
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